Nintendo Responds

In the midst of all this worry and panic about the Revolution’s supposed leaked specs, Nintendo has opted not to stay quiet. Nintendo of America sez:

Sharper graphics are certainly part of the next generation. We know that games for the Revolution will look brilliant whether played on a standard television or on a high definition television. However, is that all there is to next-generation gaming? We feel that sharper graphics should be combined with a new way to interface with the game itself. Our controller is a sharp departure from the current standard, to be sure, but it will provide a level of interactivity you can’t get currently.”

There you go. Follow link for entire press release.

[Source: 4cr]


  1. Its about time they respond…Now we need some hard evidence of Nintendo’s vision.

  2. I should stop reading about the Revolution … im will go crazy if this keep going this way hehe … i just hope they keep the name, it kicks ass, although maybe it doesnt fit their all-access gaming mantra

  3. I still insist: What’s the big deal about the extra-spiffy graphics that very few people will have the equipment to notice??
    Check an article published in Slashdot last night saying that 50% of HDTV owners don’t use HD! As I mentioned on a previous blog, even the people at the electronics stores don’t know how to turn the HD mode on for video games! Yeah, I suppose HD graphics will look really nice, but they should not be the #1 reason to buy a console!

  4. *coughs* Nintendo gave us an AWESOME upgrade.

    Ram x4 for Revolution

    Ram x4 for Xbox 360

    Only one of them is going to burn through their RAM because of HD output.

    Think of it like that, the Revolution from a TECHNICAL standpoint has more power in the long run. We could get nicer games with higher frame rates!

  5. Well put, LSSLAVE, well put indeed…

  6. More power in the long run? How’s that?

  7. Damage control from PR.

    1. Nintendo doesn’t want to comment on Revolution specifics before any major press releases

    2. IGN may very well be instigating against Nintendo so they can update their site with juicy tidbits.

    3. Nintendo doesn’t play into IGN’s games, but IGN will always play Nintendo’s.

    The fans are just venting unnecessary heat.

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