Nintendo Profits Fall 21%

Nintendo first-half profits dropped 21% citing slow GameCube sales and sluggish US demand. The company cut DS and GameCube sales slightly, while raising Game Boy targets due to the strong selling Micro handheld.

Gamasutra writes: “Although a significant fall, Nintendo remains the most consistently profitable console hardware manufacturer when also factoring in game sales.”

What will change the tide early next year before the Revolution drops?

[Source: Gamasutra]


  1. Well it’s sort of to be expected considering how the GameCube is on the last leg of it’s journey, due to pass the torch over to Revolution next year. Still I’m guessing that Nintendo’s financial position is a bit better than that of Sony, which has been going through restructuring and job cuts.

  2. I bet
    when zelda TP will be out
    Nintendo will be on top again

  3. September wasn’t a great month all across. I bet if u look at Cube sales for this month and last, they’ll be up. The adverts for Fire Emblem last month and Mario Party 7 were and are running like crazy. And the DS will be up cause of MKDS; that thing’s getting more airtime than anything. Not to mention all the 3rd party game ads that they pay for. I’m sure u guys’ve noticed this. Where there’s a game like SSX On Tour, NFS Most Wanted, or The Sims 2, and at the end, all you see r the Nintendo console logos, making the uninformed viewers think it’s only on Nintendo hardware. Smart stuff. It’s gonna pay off.

  4. The decrease of profit, as told by Nintendo, was because of heavy research into the Revolution.

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