Nintendo Press Summit

Nintendo held their semi annual Press Summit in Seattle today, where Reggie took the helm and specified their fundamental strategies going forward with DS, GBA, GameCube, and Revolution. What he said was that Nintendo was focusing their efforts on “disruptive marketing”, the soon-to-be buzzword that means Nintendo is disrupting the market leader Sony, who “[releases their hardware with only incremental changes]”, by releasing new game types and products with new interfaces. He named Apple with its iTunes service and iPod as an example of marketing that has disrupted Sony’s former vice grip on portable music players with the Discman. So basically, he said “simple and straightforward” beats “more of the same”. Here come more Apple/Nintendo comparisons…

In the Q&A portion, Reggie explained that the Micro is a “shortish term” opportunity that the company will only support for anywhere between 3 months and a year. I guess you better snag one while you can. Further on he explained the marketing strategy for the Wifi Connection, showing off a rough clip of a tv spot that is set to air later this week. The Wifi dongle, he announced, will sell for $34.99. There was even a knock against Sony where he said, “I got a kick out of the latest comments on the PS3 and its frame rate. It is like 3X the rate that your eye can see a difference! I mean talk about overshooting consumer needs and creating an opportunity for a disruptor to come in and say ‘look at this different solution.’“He also revealed something i didn’t know, which was the fact that DS sales are currently exceeding PSP weekly sales in the US.

If anyone’s worried about Nintedo’s current handheld or future console situations, heed these words: don’t be. Nintendo is dead serious.

[Source: IGN]