Nintendo Power Subscriptions 5$ on Amazon

Infendo is having an amazing DEAL on Nintendo Power right now, and a few other select gaming magazines. You can pick up a year’s subscription for 5$!! Amazon’s offer lasts until June 5.

Just think what you could do with that other 15$ you saved, maybe pick up a Strategy Guide that they don’t include with their subscriptions anymore.

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  1. <3 the old-school cover that you used 🙂 I was a member of that free "fan club" thing where they put out a mini-magazine every month, and when they ended that, they gave everyone a free copy of issue #1 of Ninento Power in hopes that people would order it, and back then, people did.

    I re-sub'ed when I got my Wii in 2007 for a few years, then stopped that. But for $5, I'll sign up for another year 🙂

  2. I might get this. How long is the deal good for?

  3. I haven’t cared for Nintendo Power for years. Last I had them, they offered nothing special. Nothing that I could not find online.

  4. I just subscribed to nintendo power a week ago could have saved the money 🙁

  5. Started subscribing for the zelda TP soundtrack disc they offered in 06. Still renew every year. They really the only mag that covers nintendo games well. The developer interviews seal the deal for me, espically the ones with pepole that been making games for years. The multiplatform gaming mags treat wii as an afterthought and they like to bash it in every issue, cant wait for my edge card to expire 😀

  6. Well, for $5 getting a full year of Nintendo Power is a great way of getting a good view of all of Nintendo’s plans for the near future. This subscription would include E3, the 3DS and releases up to June 2011!

  7. Just ordered it. Thanks for the heads-up ;o).

  8. Wow that is just awesome! Going to place an order now, thanks guys.

  9. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Just ordered one year’s worth. Also, occasionally Amazon will send out codes for 50% off gaming magazines after you purchase a few video games from them, so if you still have a code you get a year for $2.50!

  10. Wow. Thank you Will!! Just got my first ever Nintendo power subscription plus renewed PC gamer, an old favorite.

  11. Does anyone know if is offering a comparable deal for Canadians? I haven’t had a Nintendo Power subscription since the old NES days. I’d be willing to give it another go for $5….. or if they’d throw in a copy of Dragon Warrior 😉