Nintendo plans posh L.A. DSi launch event, now with more excess!

First, there was IGN’s Matt Casamassina and Nintendo’s Perrin Kaplan. But today, is the video game world’s new completely fake and made up by me power couple going to be Attack of the Show’s Kevin Periera and Nintendo den mother Cammie Dunaway?

Could be! They’re hosting a megaton DSI launch event in beautiful Los Angeles at 9PM on Saturday, April 4th. If you live in the area, check out Universal CityWalk GameStop for music by DJ Fader, I Am 8-Bit art giveaways, and interactive gaming stations. There will also be some sweet, sweet street parkour action, because Nintendo is filthy stinking rich and that’s what filthy stinking rich people do. They have street parkour action at all their posh rich person events.

The event concludes at midnight PST time, says the press release Nintendo directed our way today, at which point the DSi will officially launch and the parkour will conclude with some high kicks or something.