Nintendo Patents Sanity

For all you Slashdot readers and Eternal Darkness fans out there, you might already know that Nintendo has gotten it’s patent for a sanity system used in a video game. Although the patent was originally filed back in 2000, looks like the US government has finally granted them with the proprietary rights.

Eternal Darkness is one of my all time favs on the GameCube. Imagine the possibilities on the Revolution…

[Source: Slashdot]


  1. best news ive heard all day. i hope ED2 come to the revolution.

  2. I finally started playing Eternal Darkness a few days ago and I just love the sanity system. Way to go, Nintendo!

  3. I knew a guy who was obsessed with this game and all things nintendo. I kept telling him to grow up and get an adult system. NIntendo is great if your 12 and still think Mario is a real person. I think this guy worked at a cell phone store in Georgia before he moved away. I always held a hope that if he got married that he would realize that PS2 is the only way to go. Oh well, I guess he still has no clue about gaming.

  4. Jeremy (Source of Magic),

    You ole sly dog you. I was this close in getting you to buy a gamecube, but alas, you we’re way to “adult” for the system and because of it missed out on some really good games. But you know that. (don’t you play GBA everynight though?)

  5. Thanks for explaining this patent. I was wondering all the time; why now? Nothing new, with Eternal Darkness and all.

    But, how can Nintendo patents a sanity bar/system? The concept as been around for more than 20 years in Role-Playing Games (the real one with dices and imagination); Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, etc.

    And how come the patent went to Nintendo and not Silicon Knights? Does that mean that ED IP’S is Nintendo’s?

  6. Yeah it’s strange that they can patent a system like that. But then we do not really know haow it works…maybe it’s more complicated and connected to video games than those older sanity systems….
    btw Cthulhu is a fantastic P&P RPG !
    I love it 😀 Fhtagn!

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