Nintendo partners with cruise lines

Wii cruiseIf any of you blokes are taking a cruise in the near future (or retiring), be sure to check out whether or not there are any Wii Parties going down, and report back to us.

I only ask because the system that is currently *not* expanding video games into wider, completely new markets is now partnered with various cruise lines and retirement communities.


Nintendo has taken notice of this trend and appears intent to capitalize on it as a marketing opportunity. The company has already partnered with Norwegian Cruise Lines and Erickson Retirement Communities to add Wii parties to their activity schedules, and has been talking to libraries about using Wiis for community-building. Nintendo is also trying to tap into the classic Tupperware model- giving Wiis to people in target groups in exchange for them hosting Wii parties. Last month, Nintendo partnered with Evite to launch a dedicated Wii party-planning page.

It’s probably just a fad. A big, bubble shaped fad.

For you stock lovers, here’s some stock advice from SeekingAlpha:

All this means that not only has the Wii started a unique video gaming trend, but Nintendo appears ready and willing to capitalize. With the stock down 5% today apparently on news that the Wii is “only” outselling PS3 3-1 in Japan, this is another chance to buy in to NTDOY before the holiday season.

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