Nintendo Not Yet Confirmed for CES

Rumors spread yesterday of Nintendo’s appearance at the International CES show next January in Las Vegas. While even the event’s webpage cites Nintendo as an attendee, CES has indicated that while likely, Nintendo’s presence is “not yet official.” I’m betting they’ll be there but we’ll have to wait for the official word.

Are playable Revolution games a possibility at this one? Let’s sure hope so.

[Source: N-Sider]


  1. IMO it’s easy too early to show some games for the revolution
    kaplan said we’ll see something later, and I think later means til e3 2k6
    but you know…it’s my opinion 😀

  2. The Revolution specs should at least be unveiled at the event with some gameplay videos. Doesn’t matter if its playable or not.Lets keep our fingers crossed guys!

  3. I think some demos r a possibility cause i expect LOTS of Rev stuff at E3.

  4. What do u mean “unveiled”?

  5. Hmmm… I think Nintendo will have a pretty big show at CES (kinda like TGS was) with new news and more video. I don’t anything will be playable, but games will be announced (specs too and an official name). Unless of course, the name has already been announced. I expect one more big surprise from Nintendo before E3. No suprises at E3 just a solid line-up of playable games and getting ready for September launch.

    Here’s the catch though. I imagine Nintendo is having trouble with how to show video of Revolution games. I mean the controller is so different without seeing how the controller will integrate with the game how can you really convey what the game is about.

  6. Yea that’s what i mean, they’ll have LOTS of playable stuff come E3. CES…idaknow. I’m not sure that’s the right venue for Nintendo to show off games. The name, maybe. Not saying it won’t happen, but CES is kinda like Digital Life’s bigger brother. Games are only a part of it, it’s an electronics and appliance show, even though MS did unveil the Xbox there. But i’m hoping.

    One way they can show it is if they have a little picture in picture of someone controlling the game. Or someone calls a random person from the crowd to do it themselves. Talk about immersive..

  7. I’m with you Nicholas, just video at CES and playable at E3.
    They’ll be in the News for a longer timespan than with a big bang.
    Except they’re going to release the Rev in time for E3 😉 Yeah sure 😉
    @ rollin the idea with someone playing Rev games on the stage is fantastic !
    Iwata did something similar at the GDC, he asked for people having Birthday that week and they were allowed to play Mario Kart DS multiplayer with him..great idea..

  8. Hasn’t CES always been a staple in Nintendo’s diet? I remember reading my issues of Nintendo Power waaayy back in the day and they had special features on it. I think they’ll release Revolution at the CES, then I’ll wake up.

  9. If memory serves me correctly, E3 spawned out of CES. So, way back, Nintendo and other gaming companies prolly did do all their unveiling at CES.

    The only thing about calling someone on the stage is that’s pretty much a playable demo. What I’m curious about is how do they do an unplayable demo for Rev games and still demonstrate the revolutionary control scheme. I think what we will end up seeing is an actor with a controller demonstrating how the game is played mixed in with actual gameplay video.

  10. Yep, E3 was born because the game companies were tired of being misrepresented at CES amongst all those household appliances. No one really gave a damn at CES, but it was the only place to go at the time.

    Like i sed, a picture in picture showing someone doing whatever weird action with the controller is one way. It’s not always there, but when something comes up, let’s say Link does his side jump, a small bubble pops up and shows someone’s hands with the Revmote rotating it sideways.

  11. No Revolution games or demos, but we will see Zelda nd Metroid: Hunters there playable since both will be comnig out sometime early 2006.

    We may see the Revolution controller shell there or before the end of the year…^_^

  12. There’s definitely gonna be something before December.

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