Nintendo: No Wii hard drive, new DS peripheral soon

There was the tiniest of external hard drive rumors scampering about the floor over the weekend, but Nintendo quickly stomped that out existence. Then they did the ol’ bait and switch and left a little DS rumor in its place.

Nintendo has denied suggestions that an external hard drive is currently in development for the Wii – but confirmed that a new peripheral is on the way for DS.

The rumours emerged after Japanese gaming magazine Gamelabo claimed that Nintendo Japan executives held a special meeting recently to discuss the new hard drive.

But a Nintendo of Europe spokesperson told that any such reports are “pure rumour and speculation”.

Choices, choices, what could it be? ATM? Credit card reader? Brain-to-video game interface? It’s too soon to tell, but I can say that the Japanese meeting took place, and Infendo writers all make six figure salaries now. We’re just living the dream, baby. Except Erik. He still gets paid in cat food.

UPDATE: My eternal optimism blinded me to the fact that the “new” peripheral is just the headset. Let the Pokemon smack talk commence!