Last minute fake GDC 2009 Nintendo Keynote rumors

Sure, there’s a lot of stuff we’re hoping for or expecting from Nintendo, but what about some completely made up rumors?  Let’s see…

  • Zelda III —  8-bit WiiWare title picking up where The Adventure Of Link left off!
  • Wii TurboTax Channel — Waggle your way to the best refund of your life!
  • The Casual Gamer game development platform — Brings simple fun to those people who might not understand what video games are all about. To play, simply press the A button when prompted. Even if you do nothing, you still win!
  • Kid Icarus: Sky Surfing Party — dust off your Balance Board, it’s time to take to the skies with Kid Icarus in this new racing mini-game collection!

Have any more ridiculous predictions? Share them in comments!