Nintendo Movies Coming

In a recent interview with Mexican magazine Club Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime drops hint of a Metroid movie adaption in the works. He went on to add that the Zelda series would be next to be adapted and after that possibly another Mario film.

Putting aside the long history of bad video-games movie adaptions, I’m very excited about these possibilities.

[Source: Hylia]

Update: Looks like Club Nintendo misquoted Reggie. A Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer, “The quote is not true as Reggie never spoke to them about a Zelda movie. The magazine has posted a correction.” At the very least, a Metroid movie is still confirmed to be in the works.


  1. No. No. No.

  2. Dear GOD no.

  3. Ok, fine. It could be a horrible-distaster-beyond-all-reaches-of-mental-comprehension.

    But it could also be…ACTUALLY GOOD.

    Let’s hope for the best. An ACTUALLY GOOD Zelda movie really would kick ass and take names. Another Mario movie though? *shivers.*

    And dang, check out that soundtrack! Joe Satriani? Queen? Where can I buy this?

  4. If directors and writers stay true to the source material and expand upon it(ala Spider-Man) everything will be fine.

    However, if they choose the dark path of video game adaptations then they will try to make each video game’s story self explaining and “main stream” then it will go bad.

    The reason why Super Mario brothers the movie sucked was they changed base story drastically. Koopa became a man, Fire Flowers were substatuted with flame throws and Mario’s jumping ability came from jet boots. The only things that were remotely true to the game were Yoshi and the Bob-Om.

    Mario is specifically tuned in for a CG, hand drawn, or claymation type movie. Live action isn’t fit for it.
    Zelda and Metroid on the other hand can work well in live action. Though i’m sure Hollywood would love to butcher the Metroid Mythos and ham up the I am woman hear me roar part of Samus(ala Joanna Dark’s PDZ intro music video).

    Zelda could obviously become a Lord of The Rings ripp off though it has enough to distinguish itself from Lord of the Rings(ala Ganondorf hailing from a middle eastern type culture, Osama Bin Ganon anyone? lol) Music would have to be a colaberation between John Williams and Koji Kondo(Zelda series music composer). Ok I ranted long enough with no point.

  5. As long as they don’t license it to american producers so its going to pretty much suck. I’m sure at least Zelda & Mario are going to be 3d. Hollywood knows shi about translating something to the big screen intact. they always want to target as much mainstream audience. Remember americanized Harry Potter? Directed by Steven Spielberg with Harry Joel Osmond as Harry Potter, an american Harry Potter that is. and was going to put the first 2 books together. I rather have an anime than a Real film for this characters. let’s hope Metroid isn’t turned into a action suckfest with some model as Samus & 3d fake sets like new Star Wars. First I rather see the lesser known franchises like Kid Icarus & Pilotwings & Fzero.

  6. Holy crap John Williams + Koji Kondo.

    That would be freaking amazing.

  7. I get the feeling it’s all going to go wrong! First of all they have to cast somebody who can protray the right attitude. THAT MEANS SOMEBODY WHO IS NOT GOING TO SHOW OFF HER BARE BODY AND LOOKS. I cannot help but fear Americanization and I don’t mean that in an offensive way. You make loads of brilliant films. What I’m worrying over are very American styled ones like Charlies Angels, where you get a lot of stereotypical stuff in it. They need to make it feel nationless, maybe it ought to be a personal tale and be a personal drama…. set in space.

  8. I kinda liked the old Mario movie. You just have to take it as it is, in all its cheesy 90s adventure movie glory. Hell, it had Bob Hoskins!

    Wasn’t there a rumor about John Woo making a Metroid movie some time ago?

  9. bad…bad news. really don’t want to see either of these happen.

  10. I loved the old Mario movie! Man it was sweet. They didn’t play it like a video game, they did it as an original fantasy adventure and I think it was great.

    I love how they intregrated as much of Mario as possible (I about cried when I saw the boots that made them jump so high, a la SMB3).

    *sniff* I miss this movie. I need to go watch it now. Excuse me, I need to call in sick for work.

  11. “Wasn’t there a rumor about John Woo making a Metroid movie some time ago?”

    Yes, there was. I thought he had picked up the rights to the Metroid story or something. Not sure what happened with that.

    In any case, if anyone so much as SUGGESTS that Angelina Jolie should be Samus because “OMGZ SHE’S HAWT LOL” and “SHE’S PLAYED VIDEOGAEM GURLZ B4 LOL”, I will not hesitate to rip your lungs out.

    And anyone who dares to sully the amazing Metroid story and characters with stupid clichés and terrible acting will also experience some lung-ripping.

    “i’m sure Hollywood would love to butcher the Metroid Mythos and ham up the I am woman hear me roar part of Samus(ala Joanna Dark’s PDZ intro music video).”

    I think you’re exactly right, which is why I am so worried about them butchering Samus. I do NOT want to see another Angelina Jolie-style “OMG LOOK AT MY BIG B00BZ WHILE I KICK EVERYONE’S BUTT W/ MY GRRRRRL POWER LOL” videogame adaptation. Barf.

  12. I presonally think they may make a completley CG version of Metroid.

    And Metroid has never EVER emphisised “Girl Power”. If they did, I would blow up all of hollywood.

  13. Some people really like saying “ala”.

  14. My biggest concern for live action would be casting for Linkand Samus. For Samus I think Charlize Theron would be awesome. She has proved that she is a great actress and she is gorgeous. Link, would be very hard not to get a girly boy, maybe Hayden Christianson, could pull it off. For some reason I could Jessica Biel as Samus, probably because of Blade Trinity. Mario would almost have to be cg, as are almost all cartoon films now. Hmmm who would you cast in these roles? Also who could play Zelda, and Ganon. Any thoughts?

  15. Jessica Alba as Samus. Everyone’s going to yell at me, but Leonardo DiCaprio as Link… Anyone see the Beach?

    Zelda.. Hmmmm… Jessica Alba could play that role as well. Gannon, Ewen McGreggor.

    Of course, unknowns would prolly work even better.

  16. @Rollin

    LOL You’re right I said “ala” several times in that rant. Sorry for the over use. I shant use it anymore ;).

    Though i’m anonymous so you won’t know if it is me or not… well, maybe I should use that word to identify me.

  17. This just randomly came to me for some reason…but, Christian Bale should play Gannondorf.


    But he could do it.

    Link would be EXTREMELY hard to cast for…one of the mainstays of Metroid and Zelda is that the main character’s NEVER speak….EVER. So, making them the main character’s and talking to people and stuff is, in effect, out of character.

  18. There is always a first for everything. So if Halo sucks then that first will still be sitting out there for a Nintendo franchise.

    I think that if they went Metroid and showed Samus the way she was shown in the first game that could work. One shot of her at the very end of the movie after she has defeated whatever the threat may be. Then you don’t have to worry so much about the looks of the actress and can just get someone that can play the part.

  19. Another thought, Kiera Knightley would make a good Zelda. That was my wife’s idea.

  20. I should be gannon, and you should give me you triforce BIATCH!

  21. The only way I think this would work is if they kept Samus silent and in her suit throughout the entire film. Then reveal she’s a woman at the end, doing the whole ‘OMG she’s a woman!’ thing to mainstream moviegoers again.
    But, remember Judge Dredd?, well Sly was out of his helmet in a flash, and never wore it again the entire film.
    The whole VG to movie thing makes me shudder. They’re going to wreck the francise.

  22. Alex Proyas sould direct the Metroid Movie –

    Don’t any of you remember the live action commercial that was created for the original Metroid Prime television campaign?

    If not you can read about it and watch it at this link –

    A Metroid movie would be great. There are not enough GOOD sci-fi scpace movies anymore, and this would be a good reason to make one. As far as casting goes – I think that Metroid should star unknown actors so that we ar enot biased anymore than we already are – because even if the movie is perfect, there will still be Mr. (or Ms.) super geek in the corner nitpicking that some enemy was the wrong color or something)

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie (the original with Bob Hoskins and John Liguisano) was EXCELLENT. I do not care what anyone says – sure they ro-wrote it, sure the boots were strange. It was fun to watch and the acting was not bad either – look at who was in it! Dennis Hopper, Ficher Stevens too. THe mario movie already happened, so I dont need another one.

    A zelda movie? I DO NOT think that we need this. I just dont.

    But to tell you all the truth – what takes the number one spot for me is the Silent Hill movie. Bring that one on!

  23. besides, the article mentions that Regis said they are producing everything inside nintendo so the fans don’t have to worry of a Final fantasy: The Spirits Within kind of thing. I’m sure they’ll be great but won’t be making too much in box office since they are aimed towards the fans. Kind of like FF VII: advent children. They’ll do great on rental & dvd sales, I’m sure.

  24. I think that Link should be played by Steven Segal. That way, even if they did decide to give him dialogue, nobody would be able to hear it.

  25. And even if they gave steven segull dialouge, and made it loud enough to hear, no one would watch it.

    Steven Segal sucks.

  26. Yeah, None of this is really any new info, except a new Mario movie.

    Metroid is being done by John Woo via CGI(He’s been wanting to do something CGI since his TMNT movie got canned).

    And the Zelda movie is being done by Nintendo’s new animation division. You know, Hiroshi Yamauchi final impact on Nintendo.

  27. Thinking about it, a CG one wouldn’t be half bad. I still prefer they do a live action with with some unknown hot blonde in the suit (that shows her face only once). Throw in special effects galore and we’re set. Although, CGI would be sweetness.

    P.S.- Yamauchi will never die.

  28. Well excuuuuuuuuuse me princess!

  29. Thats odd, the link you posted said Metroid would be live actoin and a CG movie will also be coming out to promote the Rev.

  30. “Well excuuuuuuuuuse me princess!”

    And someone kindasorta had this idea but I’d like to expand on it. They said that it would be out of character for Link to talk, so hey, let’s just make him silent except for those ‘Hyiaaaa!!’s and ‘Huh huh hiaa!’s. It would be a great tribute to zelda fans and honestly it would be interesting to watch in terms of moviemaking. I don’t recall many movies where the main character doesn’t talk. I think it would be really interesting.

  31. Hey, they should do the Download Play features with their movies over here. (Another) Demo for Hunters!!!1

    You know, the more i think about it, the more badical this movie gets. I can’t wait!!! *explodes*

  32. Just main stream effects. Thats all we really want.

    Top production. Anime is cool, and could hit some good stories more offten if it were a series, but a quality film presentation is what we want. Especially after we played metroid prime.

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