Nintendo Mobile out November 1

We learned back in September that Nintendo would be launching a new mobile phone service allowing users to download news alerts, wallpaper, and whatnot. Nintendo fans can access the goods by typing in from their phones.

The service will officially launch in Japan on November 1. No word on a US release as of yet. Would you be interested in this service?

[Source: DS-X2]


  1. I would love to use this in the states! Nintendo rocks and I would like to open my phone up and see Link!

  2. I know I would!

  3. Who needs news alerts from Nintendo when we have Infendo!

  4. lol Yeah, that’s true. But wallpaper would be cool, wouldn’t it?

  5. I’d rather this sorta stuff on my DS.

  6. Or the next Game Boy..which might or might not be a cell phone 😉

    It’s the hot thing to do right now i nthe Cell Phone world, so I have no problem with it. But I wonder if Nintendo will use add there Nintendo Downloading service for this Mobile stuff(Getting back to the Game Boy Cell Phone…)

  7. IF I had a cell phone I would definitelly have some nintendo ringtones on it… IF I had one, mind you. I don’t even want one… …don’t look at me that way 😛

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