Nintendo makes most important game ever, 2006 edition

Wrap it up and ship it, for Nintendo has taken the top spot in GamaSutra’s “Quantum Leap Awards: Most Important Games, 2006.” Which game was the lucky winner? Why it’s Wii Sports, everybody’s favorite pack-in (outside of Japan, where it was just everybody’s favorite). More importantly, the winners were picked by the readers of Gamasutra.

I think it’s a pretty good choice, especially if you look a year or more down the line. If this crazy machine takes off and stays in the stratosphere, then people will look back and see Wii Sports as the foundation for that success. It was the game that “taught” veteran gamers and non-traditional ones alike how to use the Wii and its funky control scheme, and it was a fairly incredible teacher at that.

And if you will allow me to channel Apple’s Steve Jobs for a moment: One more thing…

Twilight Princess (both versions) and Elite Beat Agents took spots #2 and #5 in this top 5 list, respectively.

“I’ve got a funny feeling this and future Quantum Leap Awards will go to games made for the Wii, since it actually PROVIDES the opportunity for innovation. Not that I don’t enjoy the more traditional 14-button control scheme of console gaming but — speculation aside — the Wii is the covered wagon and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sets the pace in trailblazing the unexplored wilderness of interactive media. Giddyup. — Matthew Allmer, Rendered Vision

I think I’m tearing up here.