Nintendo launches the Everybody Votes Channel

Have you seen that blue light flashing tonight? If not, you’d better head to the Shop Channel and check out the Wii Ware section because Nintendo did a surprise release of a brand new channel ”“ the Everybody Votes Channel. Does it provide an insightful look at the 2008 presidential race? Nope, it allows you to register up to six Miis and vote on such hot button issues as “Which is a more romantic Valentine’s Day gift ”“ chocolates or flowers?” And expect the office to be heated tomorrow over the controversial “Do you prefer cats or dogs?” Everybody Votes also lets you predict the outcome of polls and compare how your vote stacks up to the rest of the world’s. You can even submit your own idea for future polls. While it’s not the greatest thing to hit the Wii since the Mii Channel, it’s free and a nice diversion.

I just hope divisive polls don’t tear this nation apart. Remember how mad everybody got during the last election? “Hot dogs vs. hamburgers” will be a thousand times worse.