Nintendo Gives Out Revolution "Remotes"

Nintendo will give away a TV remote identical to the new Revolution controller to platinum Club Nintendo members (Japan only). The next best thing to the real deal will be delivered some time next year to the lucky few. But which TV’s will it work on?

[Source: IGN]


  1. why do they get the cool stuff???

    I want one!!!

  2. sweet! imagine how much one of those would go for on ebay!! 😛

  3. can anyone get one and reiew it for us? At least they should sell it overhere.

  4. a sign of things to come? I have recently thought that they surely would put normal TV remote functions in the nintendo remote. That way you are watching TV with Nintnendo’s device. Your program ends, you decide you want to play…POW…flick of a switch and your game is on the screen…all without having to get up or change remotes in your hand.
    Nifty, eh?
    I like it…I just hope it will work with my TV if they have the system working

  5. I know this has nothing to do with this but what heres an Idea for Revolution mario party people… bad people… like evil peach,aka Rotten Peach or for daisy Oopsa Daisy why not include an evil black yoshi… come on he needs a nemesis you always see him running around but You could really start a good game with an evil race of yoshis of some sort just imagine spikes on the top of a black yoshi… oh the majesty… Mario Party 8 attack of the clones

  6. I don’t know why but i fell like a poor devil…
    if you go on and register yourself all you can get are wallpapers, wallpapers and again wallpapers!
    damn Nintendo Italia! I want one of the japanese goodies! they have wario yellow pad, mario white and blue wavebird and so on… is strange
    Jap fellow are traten with gold gloves…
    and also Us fellow! don’t know about Uk…
    now jap ones will have a clone of the revo pad…damn damn…
    sure it’s for tv…but then again…waht the hell would I do with wallpapers?

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