Infendo Radio: Show 9 Prep

We want to remind everyone that Infendo Radio show 9 is set to be recorded tomorrow. We only got one call last week so we’d like to get some audible love from you all. We’ll have a Wii blowout with your questions answered and a ton more. So if you wanna send in e-mails and voicemails with your questions and comments, now’s the perfect time. The number is 206-338-BIGN (2446) and the email address is

Also, I’m heading to Nintendo Mecca (Seattle, WA) for work today and am going to catch a Mariners game later in the evening. The team is majority owned by Nintendo for any that didn’t already know. I’ll make it back in time for the show on Saturday though and Nicholas, Rollin, Striegs, and Dale should keep you up to speed throughout the day. See you guys on Saturday!

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