Nintendo Games Roundup

Here’s a long plug from Nintendo regarding 28 “must have” games for all three of their current systems. From the article: ” So you’ve received a Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy, or DS for the Holidays and you’re wondering which games to get. Here’s my list of titles no player should do without.”

See if there are any you might have missed for your Nintendo enthusiast self.

[Source: Nintendo]


  1. They recommend Shadow the Hedgehog? Game Rankings gives it 53%! ( It’s a terrible game.

  2. Many people do actually enjoy games that didn’t enjoy the blessing of game reviewers. But plugging Shadow and not even mentioning Rush, that’s just wrong, wouldn’t you say?

  3. My brother liked Sonic Rush, but from what I saw it was pretty mediocre even compared to the other 3D Sonics.

    The whole list is kind of suspect, I mean the MZ4 quote about not being able to tell the series is 20 years old? I beg to differ, Megaman has become so stale it’s beyond depressing. And Polarium over Meteos? What gives?

    Oh well it’s only one mans corporate opinion so no biggie I guess.

  4. Way off topic, but why on earth does the ebuyer link on the sidebar have a picture of the old prototype DS???? Crazy! >_<

  5. No joke, Matthew. He even refers to mega man…

    “The game features a pretty cool ability to fuse parts to make new items and enhance Mega Man’s abilities.”

    NEWSFLASH : The game ain’t about MM.

  6. I often doubt whether the writers are in fact human. They seem quite often to be robots pushing the newest Nintendo games, even if they’re pretty bad. But hey, that’s their job. If I worked at Ninty I’d just push Polarium and not complain. And then I’d run home and tack some more swag to the wall.

  7. Agreed.

  8. See, this is why spell checker isn’t always good enough:

    “Super Mario Strikers(Rated E)– An awesome soccer game that’ll keep you hungry for me. Yeah, it’s that much fun.”

    …it’s an awesome game, but I don’t swing that way man.

  9. I highly recommend Lego Star Wars. It’s the combination of three amazing pleasures in life: Lego, Star Wars and Video Games. If your looking for a game that’s got puzzles, Lots of lightsaber action and replay value. It’s a cheap game too $30!

  10. (Idkanow if it’s cause i played it on PS2, but) Lego Star Wars sucked!

  11. Or… Ikaruga. 15 bucks of gaming glory.

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