Nintendo DS Turns One!

[by FireEmblem 54]

Here we are, a year later. It seems like only a few months ago that we were all looking at the DS Prototype, all thinking the same thing. “This is the future of handheld gaming?” Now, millions of people around the world own a slick piece of silver hardware known as the Nintendo DS.

Going into this generation of handhelds, we all had our doubts. How would the touch screen go over? Two screens? What kind of threat would the PSP pose? Those questions, however, have been quickly answered. The touch screen has changed handheld gaming entirely. The extra screen has added a new layer to the franchises we love. And the PSP has begun to fall from the picture.

People can say what they want as far as the DS being a “gimmick”. Sales and fan response have proven otherwise. The system started with a weak library, but that has drastically changed. We’ve seen some our favorite games taken to the next level; Advance Wars, Castlevania, Kirby, and more recently, Mario Kart DS. But, we’ve also been introduced to some great new titles; Meteos, Feel the Magic, and Nintendogs.

A week ago, the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection launched looking to be an overwhelming hit. The NWC expands on December 5 with Animal Crossing: Wild Word, then within a few months, with Metriod Prime: Hunters.

We all look back, we can find the goods (Meteos), the bads (Sprung), and the uglys (Ping Pals). Yet, when looking at the big picture, it’s hard not see one thing: Nintendo doing what it does best. Changing the industry for the better. As handheld gaming expands, you can count on one thing, Nintendo’ll be there. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. So Nintendo: Thanks for the past year, and here’s to 365 more!


  1. I, I, I cannot say much more but BRAVO! What an inspiring article! And Viva La Nintendo for making and supporting the Nintendo DS, the God-Send Toy! I almost forgot that this day, Nintendo makes history!

  2. 365 more years?!

  3. Rollin- Real funny…you know what was meant 😛

  4. Mine’s *blue*… :-p

  5. I think one of the greatest feelings on earth is the feeling of vindication. And the ablity to just laugh in the faces of all the doubters. If I was more of an annoying fanboy I would be bumping up loads of old threads around the internet making fun of everybody who said it would fail.

  6. Happy BDay NDS!
    I honestly must say mine is absolutely consumed, it’s always on and I aways play as soon as possible!
    Thanxx again Ninty
    you are making us old H’core gamers so happy!
    innovation is life!!!!

  7. i pre-ordered my ds and didn’t get much use except for a few weeks with wario…

    but for the last 2 months i have hardly put it down! i played mario kart online for 6 hours yesterday!

    i love my ds =)

  8. i remember the launch day, i was looking for it all over my area where, of course, every store was sold out. i went to ebgames, gamestop, and cicuitcity. at the end i wanted to give toys r us a shot. to my surprise, they had a few NDS’s. i got mine and went out to play SM64DS. Then i was asked by a kid where i got mine from. he was so desperate.

    NDS without its WFC was doing very well, now with the launch of Nintendo WFC, it’s on its way to be truly the best handheld gaming device EVA!

  9. “Rollin- Real funny…you know what was meant :P”

  10. How many DS Units have been sold worldwide?

  11. 6 mil last i heard. It should be more by now cause in Japan it reached 3 mil just recently.

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