Switch Owners Gearing Up For Pokémon Reveal

Switch Owners Gearing Up For Pokémon Reveal

One of the most successful and popular game series of all time is Pokémon. When it debuted on the Gameboy it became an instant success and it has come a long way since then, with the majority of Pokémon titles released being exclusive to Nintendo consoles. The latest Nintendo console out there right now is the Switch, and speculation is mounting about a Pokémon release dropping, with various leaks seeming to support the theory.

Let’s face it, there is going to be a version of Pokémon for the Switch and the suggestion is that it will in fact be a dual release going by the name of Pokémon: Let’s Go! Rumours are rife on internet forums right now that there will be both a Pikachu edition of the game, as well as an Eevee edition too. This will certainly whet the appetite of hardened Pokémon fans, and gamers in general, with Pokémon titles known for longevity and great gameplay. In fact, the appeal of the game is not only global, but across all audiences and demographics. It may not be a surprise to see the game being adapted to other spheres of gaming, for example, the online casino market place. According to PartyCasino and other operators, these types of games have proven to be a huge success.

It’s also been rumoured that Let’s Go! would actually be a Pokémon Yellow remake for the Switch and that it could be a throwback to what fans came to love about the series in the first place. However, in the past we have seen the Pokémon Company move away from the traditional titles you would expect, opting to experiment with new and exciting features, and considering that the word Go has been hinted at in the game title tells us that all may not be as it seems.

There’s no denying that Pokémon Go on mobile has been a rip-roaring success and continues to be to this day. The integration of augmented reality has been a masterstroke, but could we be about to see a link up with Pokémon Go on the Switch release? Pokémon Go integration would be huge for players, as most who are playing on Switch, will also have played, or regularly play, Pokémon Go on mobile too. Could we even be about to see some sort of accessory released, and Nintendo do love their accessories, that would link the Switch game to Pokémon Go?

It makes perfect sense that The Pokémon Company want to build on the success of Pokémon Go even further. It’s still a very popular game now, with new updates and events helping to keep players playing. The accessory theory has also been supported after it was revealed that producer Junichi Masuda spoke about how he hoped that they’d be able to figure out a way to link Pokémon Go to a main series title.

Speculation will continue to mount surrounding what The Pokémon Company have in store for Switch users, but it’s bound to be something special. A link up with Pokémon Go could be brilliant and with E3 2018 happening this June, it could be where some details are finally confirmed ahead of release. Exciting times are certainly in store for both Switch and Pokémon fans alike.