Nintendo DS sells for $260 in Japan

Japanese DS shortages have caused the Nintendo handheld to experience a price hike. Gaming Age writes: “In the Land of the Rising Sun, Nintendo DS systems are seeing a supply and demand flux resemblant of the Xbox 360 situation in the United States. Although the stock of Nintendo DS systems was reported to be low due to a large demand at the end of 2005, a rush after New Years’ Day only compounded the problem… For reference, [$260] is about a dollar short of what the PSP Giga Pack sells for in Japan.”

[Source: Gaming Age]


  1. DS is to Japan what the Xbox 360 is to the US? (albeit I doubt in 1 year the hype will be this big for the 360)

    This is just awesome in so many levels 🙂

  2. that was expencive in sweden a ds cost like 1200 swedish kronor = 150 us$

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