Nintendo DS Car Navigation System

I will admit it, I am HORRIBLE at directions.  I would get lost in my living room if not for the familiarity of the furniture layout.  While driving any where out of my comfort zone, I rely on my navigation system to get me where I need to go.  I honestly do not know how I ever found my way without my GPS.

The Japanese market seems to have the same problem, however Toyota has found a solution!  Toyota has teamed up the Nintendo DS to create a Smart Navi Car Navigational System the utilizes the DS, and possibly the 3DS.  The system utilizes the Kuruma de DS, which is a cart that connects via the bluetooth.  Some of the features of the DS navigation system include a speedometer, easy UI with Miis, maps, and areas of interest.  It also allows you to play the DS via the car speakers!

The downside of adding the navigation system to your DS is the price.  Unfortunately,  the best Smart Navi system is $2586.00US, and the Kuruma de DS is sold separately through Toyota for $92.00US.  Definitely not cheap, but  it is cool to see that there is still a purpose for all of the old Nintendo DS systems that people have upgraded to the 3DS.  I would love to see more “alternate, yet practical, uses” for old handheld systems.

Would you use your DS as a nav system?  What other uses would you like to see created for old systems?



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