Nintendo DS back on top

It was fine while it lasted, or at least while shortages were in full effect, but the DS has returned to the top spot of the Japanese hardware market for the week ending on January 22.

  1. DS: 64,515 (210,177)
  2. PSP: 38,271 (228,714)
  3. PS2: 26,271 (146,097)
  4. GBASP: 7,912 (35,338)
  5. GBM: 4,653 (22,813)
  6. GC: 4,490 (23,378)
  7. X360: 3,616 (17,200
  8. GBA: 236 (1,033)
  9. Xbox: 83 (358)

[Source: Media Create]


  1. I dont remember the exact numbers but it looks like the DS beat the PSP by enough to make up the last 2 weeks defecit and then some.

  2. What’s the second number? Sales this year?

  3. Yep.

  4. Tortoise and the hare anyone? Except the hare wins in this one, even after taking a week or so off for a nap. One wonders (in my conspriacy world) whether or not Nintendo did this on purpose.

  5. The Gamecube is selling more than the 306 and x-box combined.

  6. Any chance of getting US hardware sales? Always good to get some other comaprisons.

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