First Full Fisher on Japanese Wii

At the end of this month Japan will get their first Wii fishing sim when ?????????????(Mezase!! Tsuri Masutaa) or “Take Aim!! Fishing Master” is released by Hudson. Like Zelda’s mini fishing system, the game uses the remote and nunchuck to hook and catch fish, but this time you get to do it in different locations all over Japan, improving your skills as you travel the country. While the game is kind of being marketed for the younger crowd, it could also be a family title with its four player simultaneous mode. When the Wii was released we all knew a slew of fishing games were on the way, lets hope Mezase is a strong opener.
Japanese that haven’t gotten a Wii yet can challenge the less immersive but still fishy cell phone games from the same series, which are available on iMode, EZweb, and Yahoo Keitai phone web providors.