Nintendo Direct Recap 05.17.2013

images (1)Another Nintendo Direct has come and gone.  Skim over the details below and let us know what you think.  Did you hear what you wanted to hear?  Is there anything that you are anticipating?  Anything that disappointed you?  Let us know!

First off, Iwata shares a new Sega game, in the Mario/Sonic Winter Olympic Games for the Wii U.  The player can compete in curling, figure skating, skiing, etc…  No launch date is yet available.



Now on to Sonic News (Eugene Allen  is excited!).  A new worldwide partnership with Sega, will introduce Sonic: Lost World for Wii U and 3DS.  More information is coming soon.  It is also announced that the 3DS virtual console will receive Sega game gear titles in the future.  The following titles are already available:


I am actually pretty excited about the New Sega Partnership.  What are your thoughts?

Now onto the Nintendo Treehouse with J.C.

May 3oth is announced as the release date for the Zelda Oracle Games.  Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will have 8 new levels and will launch on May 24th.  Game & Wario is also reviewed.

Now back to Iwata, and Resident Evil Revelations.  The Wii U version will include a new difficulty mode titled Infernal which will move the enemy and item locations.  Frank and Rachael will also be included.  The gamepad can display the map and monitor inventory without interrupting gameplay.  Off TV mode is also available.  Oh, and it is MiiVerse compatible.  Look for ti May 21st!  The demo is available now.

New Super Luigi U IS UP NOW.  Nabbit is actually a playable character in the game, as well as Yellow and Blue toad.  Nabbit cannot power up, however he also does not take damage from enemies.  The download will be available June 2oth for $19.99 (although I swear Iwata said $10 when speaking)!  If you do not own New Super Mario Bros. You, you can purchase the game in August 25th for $29.99!


The Wonderful 101 will be available September 15th.  No further details are available.

Pikmin 3 is up.  There are three new Main characters called Alph, Brittany, and Charlie.  It seems that Olimar is not in the game at all.  Some gameplay footage was shown, although my computer froze up during the video, so I missed most of it.  I will include the video when it is available.


August 4th is the Launch date!

Now Reggie is up!

This year, he says that the E3 focus will be on the games.  Nintendo’s Best Buy partnership will allow you to play select unreleased games during E3 week at Best Buy.  More details to come.

Overall, it was a pretty short and sweet teaser about what is to come.  Did you expect more?  Did you want more?  Was this enough to hold you over?  Share your thoughts below!


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