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Most if not all who are reading this very post dig Nintendo in some way or another. The company is a tough publisher to beat in the charismatic and fun departments and tend to deliver a large number of quality games (although sparingly at times). That said, are there any Nintendo converts out there? For example, did you used to prefer another system over Ninty’s in the past before making a full conversion?

Back before the Sony’s and Microsoft’s came into the gaming fray, there were two. Nintendo and Sega. Nerd gamer wars were just as important then as they are to some today. I myself have somewhat of a mixed Nintendo/Sega background having been a dual consoler back in the Genesis and SNES days. So where are all the Sega loyals? I’d be interested to know if a majority became Nintendo enthusiasts or just went wherever their preferred games could be found.


  1. Can’t help you: I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since the NES. I’ve owned other systems, but I’ve they’ve always been my second or third choice of the generation.

  2. Back in the day, I bought an NES because I was sick of just PONG. My brother and I pooled our money together to buy it. A lot of fighting, missed dinners and then I sold the NES. Here comes the beginning of the 16-bit era. I bought a Sega Genesis because Sonic was so FAST! Wow! My NES was slow compared to Sonic. I was happy with my Genesis and then purchased the Sega CD came out, (purchased on DAY 1). I had always looked at the similarities and differences between the SNES and Genesis, but never wanted to go back to Nintendo. Funny how times change… I had enlisted in the Air Force after HS, stationed in Okinawa, Japan, purchased a used SNES from a friend. Just for ‘old times’. I loved it!

    Now the time came to go away from the 16-bit era and move to 32-bit. I was in Japan during the launch of the Saturn, PlayStation, and the Nintendo 64 (which I bought Day 1 back in 1996). The Saturn and PlayStation had pretty much the same, boring, fighting games (3D fighter but with different colors on the fighters). I never wanted a system that said, “NOW LOADING—PLEASE WAIT”… My N64 hooked me back to Nintendo again! I have looked at the competitors since but I have always wanted something that was a “break from the norm.” This is my definition of Nintendo.

  3. Indeed, ever since nes came out I was die-hard N fan. It’s really funny, but the older I grow, the more I like Sega. Only the last couple of years I am playing Golden Axe, Wonder Boy and Aleterd beast again. Man, those are some games….

  4. Well I was born in 83 so i never had a chance to experience any or the early stuff like Atari, Coleco, or Intellivision. My first taste was the NES in 87 when i was 4 and i was hooked. Then my parents surprised my and my sister by getting us a SNES out of the blue! I just loved Nintendo, i was so satisfied that it crushed my curiosity about other systems, I didn’t care! I then got a game boy, the original one but the yellow ‘play it loud’ series. Then came the N64 no loading time, loved it, 3D OMG! Then i got my tiny cube. I have played other systems at my friend’s houses but i have never owned a video game system unless it had the Nintendo logo on it! Hardcore fan boy. I still don’t want to play Xbox’s or playstations for many reasons. I sill play NES, SNES, N64 along with the Cube on a weekly basis. Nintendo’s rep as kiddy system makes my face go red and steam come out of my ears. I can’t wait for revolution! Nintendo again will show who owns the industry

  5. I used to be both Sony and Nintendo, but more with Nintendo, but now im all with em. My brother on the other hnad, has gone to the Dark Side. >_>

  6. I briefly strayed from Nintendo during the 16 & 32 bit generations (although I do still own my virtual boy which I bought on launch day….some don’t consider it a console, and some don’t consider it 32 bit). My sister and I saved our allowance in 87 to get an NES, and we were ADDICTS. When the Genesis came out, I bought one because of some great games not available on the SNES. It was also a popularity issue too. Most people had an SNES but the really cool kids had a Genesis. I was a bit of a Sega fan at that time, but still bought the Virtual Boy because I was interested in innovation, and I’m sorry, but Mario Tennis is just one hell of a fun game! I pre-ordered a Saturn, for something like $400, with two free games from Babbage’s, which in retrospect was a ridiculously high price, even for today. It was great and had some really fun games, but I can understand the reasons behind it’s failure. I NEVER liked ANY machine Sony put out, the graphics were disgusting and the controller was unnecessarily complex (still is!). At that point, I realized the genious and perfection in Nintendo’s franchises, and the perfect balance they struck between progression and innovation, and simple, fun games. I bought an N64 shortly after it came out, and have never looked back!! I also now own every nintendo system (both console and portable) and have exclusively been back with Ninty since the 64 bit days…Xbox? Playstation? what are those?! 😛

  7. Started on a generic Pong game when I was a wee lad. Moved to an Atari 2600 when my folks surprised us all one Christmas.

    I bought my NES on layaway at K-Mart. Full on ROB and Zapper action there.

    Bought a GameBoy when it first came out. Became Tetris addict.

    I became comsume by PC gaming and didn’t buy any console or portable systems for over 10 years after that. Played a lot of SNES in college, thanks to a friend who bought one. Rented a Genesis for parties in later high school and an N64 in later college a few times.

    Played my bro-in-law’s PS2 many many times over many many visits with my wife’s family, but wasn’t inspired to buy one.

    Finally, went to the in-law’s for Xmas 2004 and played Mario Kart on my young sister-in-law’s GameCube. We immediately came home and bought a GameCube and have been hooked since. It felt good to get back on a console and I haven’t done any PC gaming since. The Nintendo vibe resonates strongly with me, more so than PS2 or Xbox.

  8. sega fan right here. We’re all just laying low, waiting for the ressurection. In the aftermath of the Sony/M$ struggle, sega will rise ….sega will rise…

    I love my sega games over Nintendo as a whole.Without a console to back i have found myself coming more towards N. I’ll place the Dreamcast over any nintendo system since the NES on my all time list, without a doubt, but the nintendo’s still got my backing.

    All my next gen budget is going towards the Revo. I’m not wasting a dime on the other ones.


  9. Ewwww Dreamcast! I think Sega thought of that while they were on the toilet. It has its niche, and respect to it cuz its part of the video game community, but dreamcast over any Nintendo system…. mmmm ya NO WAY! But id rather have Nintendo compete with Sega then any other company. Nintendo is my fav but if I had to choose next best it would be Sega all the way. Sony and Microsoft are computer and electronic companies first, then video game companies. Nintendo and Sega are video game companies first! I wish the 3 companies competing right now were Nintendo, Atari, and Sega, how cool would that be. Sony and Microsoft…go home….just go home.


  10. I also feel the DreamCast has been the best gaming console of all time, given what it brought to gaming at the time.

    The first game console that I owned, though, was the Nintendo 64, and I became a Nintendo fan right there! After that it has been an on-and-off love affair…

    I loved the GameCube in its first year, but became addicted to the Xbox about six months after it came out, but not because of the console, but because of one game (Halo) and, later, because of Xbox LIVE.

    In the last year I’ve learned that hardware doesn’t equal fun, and I’ve become a Nintendo convert because of the DS and the GameBoy micro. I’ve also learned that the games that come out of a console in the last year of its lifecycle are usually the best, which is a shame because that’s when most gamers switch off to the console and go on to the next new gadget, which usually starts off with games that are worse than the ones coming out for the previous generation!

    I guess I’m currently a Nintendo convert… I can’t wait to see what games will come out with the Revolution!

  11. Aw, c’mon FAMICON83! A lot of today’s great new ideas in console gaming came from the DreamCast era!

    Before there were Nintendogs there was Seaman! The SoulCalibour and Dead or Alive series really got their 3D start on DreamCast, and the new versions have had only little extras on them. And let’s not forget, before Xbox LIVE, online console gaming started with SEGA on DreamCast. Even TIME Magazine named it its Machine of the Year the year it came out, and the magazine created the nomination just for the DreamCast! It wholy deserved it, I might say.

    Now, of course, if you are comparing the next gen consoles with the DreamCast, I’ll take the new machines any day over the DC, but that would be an unfair comparison, almost ten years later!

  12. Nah, The Dreamcast Isn’t the best ever. It was the best Sega console after the Genesis and for a short span it had great AAA titles. I’m not sure why Sega tries to sell Sonic & Sonic & Sonic & Sonic and sometimes another title with Sonic in it, instead of that Maracas game of those talking fish games. Sega was going to become the biggest third party after the Dreamcast demise but it seems they haven’t found their market. Look at the Shadow the Hedgehog with the guns, they have bad management. Why don’t they bring their old Golden Axe or Streets Of Rage?

  13. I was a Sega fanboy, and ended up splitting my time mostly between Xbox and Gamecube. Xbox got a TON of the great Sega games, like Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon, etc!

  14. That’s true, I didn’t comment on the games that came AFTER the DreamCast’s demise. The best Xbox titles came from SEGA, after all…

    Shadow the Hedgehogs aside, I think the best SEGA games are way underrated and overlooked.

  15. Came home from the baby sitters house when I was 4 and we had a Ninendo. Took turns with my brothers playing Mario and Duck Hunt. On my 5th Birthday I went to Sears and pointed at TMNT the game and my video game obsession started (finally beat it when I was 19, and once again for my wife)

    Got a Snes and had time to beat Super Mario World before my dad took it back to Babbages because he heard Sega had better sports games. Became a segafreak.

    Got a saturn at luanch and played Xmen children of the atom more than anything. Blockbuter had 10 games for rent which where all lame. My brother bought a used 64 and I stayed up all night beating Mario 64. A year later my older bro gave use one of his wo playstations and I was hooked.

    PS2 story is a long one of betrayal and family fued so I wont go into it except all teh games got old and genaric and I still longed for a game with as much work and creativity put into it as OoT,

    Bought a gamecube from a friend who I worked with for $50. Bought Metroid Prime used for $10 and a new controller. Less than a year later I have abotu 20 games, a ds with wi fi hook up and a subscription to NP

    I bought my last two Nintedno consoles second hand and ended up playing them for a much longer time. I have evry intention of buying the Rev day 1.

    Nintendo wants you to play games
    I want to play them.

  16. I hated Sega and loved Nintendo back in the day. Sadly, it has taken Sega stopping making consoles for me to learn to appreciate them. I know love their games. And they had a similar gaming philosophy to Nintendo more than Microsoft or Sony which is good.

  17. NES was fun, but I got a Sega Genesis for Christmas instead of an SNES and I played every version of Sonic the Hedgehog that came out. There weren’t very many other fun games for the Sega at that time, and I did sort of envy my friends when I saw them playing Super Mario World or Aladdin.

  18. I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the first game I ever remember playing: Super Mario World. Great gameplay, great music, still one of my favorite games ever.

    There was a time however, when I almost became a full-blooded Sega fanboy…

    I got a Genesis pretty early on, around the release of Sonic 2. I didn’t get too many games for it though. I had Sonic 1, 2, 3, & Knuckles, Spinball, Boogerman, and some games based on cartoons (Ren & Stimpy, Animaniacs, ect.).

    My older sister had a Sega CD and Sonic CD, and wanted to know why it wasn’t working. In my first case of being smarter than someone at something, I told her “I has to plug into a Sega Genesis!”.

    However, when the N64 came out, all I could think of was Mario running around in 3D. A few of my friends who got the Saturn tried to gloat in my face, “Ha, you got the cruddy old Nintendo system? The Saturn’s games are on DISCS! IT PLAYS MUSIC FROM CD’S!!!”, but once I saw him play MK3 Ultimate, and the load times I told him “Yeah, I’ll just play this game on my SNES”

    A few months later my sister bought a PS. She got Spyro, Crash and Tomb Raider. She played Spyro alot, I played Crash alot and we never actually got around to playing Tomb Raider… Crash was an awesome series back when Naughty Dog made it. Crash was cool too.

    And I’ve played the XBox. Halo’s cool, but has too many pricks on the online mode shouting rude words at you. I also played a couple of RPG’s on it that I liked (can’t remember either of their names though).

    I’ll admit to being a Nintendo loyalist. I favor Nintendo games over other system’s games, sure, but that doesn’t mean I bash other systems because I don’t own them. XBox has great games that I’ve personally enjoyed, and I’m sure the PS2 has some great ones too, but when 80% of the games you love are made for one system, and you can’t afford to spend money on three systems, I think the choice is obvious.

  19. sega were great!

  20. Tough question.

    If I could only get one, it would be Nintendo. Although Sega was a very close second. I LOVED socin pinball. I couldn’t live without Super Bomberman 2 though.

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