Nintendo Backend: Website Creation

I’ve always wondered who was designing and developing Nintendo of America’s slick, usable, and creative game websites. Well today I stumbled upon the web firm in question called POP, based out of Seattle which is very close to Redmond.

Although I’m not a big proponent of Flash (opting for AJAX instead) which the company uses on a majority if not all of their Nintendo sites, the design agency uses Macromedia’s web technology to a “T” always delivering creative pages with bright colors. If flash has a place on the web, it’s for entertainment pages like the above mentioned.

In related news, the web consultancy’s Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap site won a 2005 Webby Awardâ„¢?. Gotta love that green!

[Source: POP]


  1. Smashing Ideas does a lot for Nintendo as well. They produced the Animal Crossing: Wild World site, Nintendogs, Mario Party Advance, Mario Party 7 and have some new stuff I can’t reveal.

    The brilliant Wind Waker site was done by none other than Second Story.

  2. One of my favorite design firms Asterik Studio (based out of Seattle) just recently did a Nintendo site for the official DDR Mario Mix game.

  3. Oh yeah, forgot about those guys. I was surprised to see them get that site. Also forgot, Sedgwick Rd. has done some of Nintendo’s TV and print spots.

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