Nintendo advertising has gone plaid

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not in a bad mood. In fact, as many Infendo readers have pointed out, this week feels like Christmas times 1,000 (Fun fact: it also feels like Chanukkah times 125, because that holiday is eight crazy nights instead of just one), so I’m generally in a good mood all around. And I love Rollin.

Now, for the news. Nintendo is ramping up to spend much, much more than previously reported to get the “non-gamer” crowd on board the Wii train. That number, previously thought to be $10 or $20 million or so, is now $200 million. This is the largest sum ever set aside for advertising for Nintendo, and anyone who remembers the N64 and GameCube days will not find that hard to believe at all. This time around, the launch budget is about 20% more than it was for the GC.

According to Bloomberg, it all begins tomorrow with spots that feature ease-of-use and family. My family’s pretty easy to use already, so I think it’ll go over pretty well. Watch for a “documentary-style” advert on Wednesday, too, Bloomberg said.