Nintendo: 200,000 Unique Wi-Fi Users

Next-Generation reports: “[Nintendo] has announced that nearly 200,000 unique users have signed on worldwide. In addition, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection has logged nearly 3 million connections globally, thanks in large part to last month’s release of Mario Kart DS, and Animal Crossing.”

That’s a lot of users in just the short period of time from when the service first launched on November 14. Could the 45% adoption rate get any higher? It might when Metroid Prime Hunters is released next March 20.

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. I think it will go higher next week with Animal Crossing US release this week.

  2. I went WIFI yesterday for the first time.
    It was sweet!

  3. I am a part of those proud 200,000

    MK: DS
    Wild World.

    Enough to keep a gamer happy for a looong time

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