NGamer: Mario Kart Wii as “nippy as can be”

The British magazine NGamer posted an updated set of Mario Kart impressions on Thursday, complementing their extensive August preview. Collectively, NGamer has provided some of the most comprehensive Mario Kart Wii coverage available and has revealed some interesting tidbits that seem to have slipped under the radar.

One of the more interesting revelations from their recent preview, Mario Kart Wii will offer a variety of courses taken from past Mario Kart games, dating back to the SNES original, Super Mario Kart. While this may have been an expected move, NGamer suggests it is the presentation of the older courses in Mario Kart Wii that is noteworthy.

Other highlights from their collective impressions include:

  • It boasts impressive graphics with a “general visual bounciness.”
  • The classic hopping-and-boosting mechanic has returned.
  • Races include 12 drivers, four more than usual.
  • Tricks and stunts can be performed in mid-air.
  • The racing action is substantially faster than in past versions.
  • Vehicles include karts, motorcycles and more, each with distinct nuances.

Nintendo seems to be taking note of what made Mario Kart DS a universal success, what prevented GameCube’s Double Dash from garnering similar accolades and implementing their findings accordingly for the Wii version.