Next Wario Ware to Allow User Created Content

The next Wario Ware for the DSi is suppose to allow user created content. According to the Japanese Wii Nintendo Channel, users are allowed to create their own minigames via a Mario Paint program and combine them together. Allowing you to customize everything from the art, music and even where to tap something on the screen. This looks promising and daunting at the same time. As a fan of Mario paint I can’t wait to play it. What do you guys think about Mario Paint and user created content in general? Do you find it easy to make or do you not even mess around with it?

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  1. Paul says:

    User created content is fantastic, but I’ve yet to see a console system find a good way to filter out the crap. LBP is full of crap that’s been played a million times and floats to the top, but some of the best levels have been only played a couple hundred times.

    If they find a good way to filter out stuff, I’m all for user created stuff.

  2. Lite (on a crappy PC!!) says:

    Can I hear a-






  3. Rabbitduck says:

    Wait… you mean like, a legit “game” or utility thereof called Mario Paint? ’cause that would be awesome. Especially for the Wii, I don’t know why they don’t make something like Mario Paint for the Wii, only updated with lots of kickass features. It could be epic.

  4. I believe it’s actually a DS card. It has a good number of microgames already made and arranged in the form of stages like in past WarioWare titles. You can use the tools to draw your own sprites, make your own music, make animations, and set the rules for your games. You can send them to freinds and download microgames that Nintendo puts out there that are ‘contest winners.’

    And of course, it connects to the 800 Nintendo Point WiiWare version, which also has its own microgames, and it lets you play your DS concoctions on the TV.

    I’m pretty excited, myself, although I’m hoping that Nintendo communicates the game’s value and emphasizes its pre-created content.

  5. BOBDOTEXE says:

    Nice, I rember mario paint from back in the day,

    I hope the have miniGame creation contest, where the winner has theres published for all to download!

    also no Friend codes would be nice!

  6. @Bobdotexe

    On the Japanese sites they refer to some sort of microgame creating contest, so you may have your wish. 0:]

  7. gametaku says:

    I can’t wait to play real Warioware again. I really can’t wait to make my own games. I’m making the most lewd and off putting things for mmy game. It will appeal to Michael Jackson and lolicons.

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