New Wii controller details, to use AA batteries

Official Wii developer documentation obtained by IGN has revealed some new Wii controller details. Mainly the controller will utilize AA batteries with an expected power lastibility of 30 to 60 hours. Here’s what else is revealed in the article:

  • The controller communicates with the Wii console via Bluetooth technology on a 2.4GHz band.
  • The Wii-mote features 6KB of “non-volatile” memory, whose exact purpose remains a mystery.
  • Recent photos of the Wii console’s front flap showcase a button called SYNCHRO… The SYNCHRO button is, according to documentation, used to identify Wii controllers that can be used with the console. It assigns each controller a wireless ID number. Evidently gamers first press the SYNCHRO button on the console itself and then find and press another SYNCHRO button located inside the battery compartment of the Wii controller. Documentation also suggests that gamers can hold down the 1 and 2 buttons on the Wii-mote to accomplish the same task.
  • The Wii-mote’s LEDs serve two roles. The first is to show which player is communicating with the console at a given moment. Player 1 will light up on the far left, Player 2 the next over, and so on. The second purpose is to illustrate battery life.
  • The Wii-mote features a built-in rumble motor that can be turned on or off.
  • “There are many details that we’ve divulged about the console, but there is also more to learn,” said the subsidiary’s PR manager, Matt Atwood

[Thanks, Giever]