New Super Mario Bros. Wii contest winner announced!

New Super Mario Bros Wii Contest

Congratulations to Kale who won our New Super Mario Bros. Wii contest! Here’s his winning entry:

I remember when I first got Mario 64, my mother hated watching me play because she would get motion sick so easily. I decided to test her and made her watch me play in the “Wet Dry World” on the second floor of Peach’s castle. I was busy collecting coins to keep my oxygen supply going under water when I hear this “thud” behind me. My mom had inadvertently been holding her breath the whole time I was swimming Mario around under the water and she passed out, landing on the couch. I still laugh about this, some 13 years on”¦

Click below for a few of the other awesome comments.

J_man86 says… ?It’s my first semester of college and my roommate is super popular. He has friends in the dorm all the time and I’m always by myself. So one day I invite some friends from high school to see Brian Posehn on campus with me. After the show they came over to my dorm and my roommate was there with a bunch of people. They all finally got to see that I had friends. We sat there forever shooting the breeze and playing Super Mario World, passing the controller around. It felt so nostalgic when my friend said “Either die or beat a level.” I was 6 years old again playing the NES at my grandma’s house with all my cousins. We all laughed as we each took turns dying from the dumbest mistakes imaginable. It was a good time all around. And for a couple hours, I wasn’t just a nobody on a campus of 14,000. I was an Italian plumber, kicking butt and taking names.

rdaneel72 says… ?My most memorable Mario moment is getting Mario 64. In 1997, my future wife and I moved from Syracuse NY to Albuquerque NM. That first year was hard, but my wife saved enough money from her lousy job to surprise me with an N64 and its flagship title for Christmas. We did not even have any furniture yet, but we sat on the floor in our crappy apartment and marveled at the 3D realms of Mario 64. Seeing the giant eel in Jolly Roger Bay for the first time was a standout moment.?We have since gotten married, bought a house and built a life out here, but playing Mario 64 still reminds me of that first tough year in ABQ.

EdEN says… ?That would be witnessing (and helping a bit) my 3 year old sister finish Super Mario Bros for the 1st time and seeing in her eyes she now understood why I’ve love videogames for so long and continue to do so . ?That was 8 years ago and by now she owns a Wii and a DS Lite, and wants a DSi A.S.A.P. for DSiware and for the music and picture programs, so I guess it worked, right? She just finished Icarian: Kindred Spirits and is currently playing Let’s Tap, Klonoa, Wii Fit+, Wii Sports Resort, Rabbids Go Home and Wario Land: Shake It on Wii and Kirby Squeak Squad, Wario: Master of Disguise and Retro Game Challenge on DS. She’s shown interest on Fire Emblem but I guess I’ll wait a year or two before making her take a dive into THAT.

Brian says… ?I’m going back to the old school, with Super Mario Brothers.?Back when it came out with the NES, one of my greatest joys came from trying to jump as high up on that flagpole as possible. Well one time and one time only, I jumped over the flagpole! I was so exicted. My young mind thought that something great was waiting for me. I ran and ran and ran. Surely I had a great prize waiting? I passed an endless castle wall and my “great prize” came when the clock ran out and I died to that happy little music.?This is my greatest Mario moments because I was never able to do it again, and it’s one of those things that can never be forgotten.