New Super Mario Bros. Pushed Back Slightly

Originally slated for May 15, Nintendo has updated the game site to six days later. Go Nintendo writes: “The official site for New Super Mario Bros. has a huge release date written along the top of the page…May 21st, 2006. Another slight setback, but if these keep coming, we may see the game slip into June…and perhaps even further.”

[via Go Nintendo]


  1. Man that sucks, the good news is I’ll be getting it the same week as my birthday. Nothing like buying presents for yourelf.

  2. hey my birthday’s is also near that date!! may 31. Does anyone wanna buy me that gameas a gift? do we get some sort of bonus for that?

  3. I don’t care when it will be released. I am getting it.

  4. It’s sad that we have to wait, but I’m telling you, the launch of NSMB is going to coincide with the launch of the DS Lite. These week long delays are very suspicious. It’s as if the game’s ready to go gold and they’re just trying to get a finalized date for the Lite US release in order to match them up.

  5. Yeah, it sounds like they are trying to get enough DS lites ready for the launch…which would explain the limited supplies in Japan and this game push back.

    We’ll see if next week the Lites are in fully supply for Japan…

  6. Imagine this if you will.

    DS Lite Bundle with the new mario brothers. The New mario brothers has a white cart insted of the grey. Japan gets no new DS’s until then.

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