Infendo Radio 162 is kick’n it OLD SCHOOL



Featuring ZAC, ALEXIS, and fill-in-host WILL, Infendo Radio 162 is all-new, all-nintendo, and ON NOW.  The boys talk up the Miyamoto round-table, Europe’s first DSi exclusive title, poop-on-a-stick, and much more! Check out the links and feed below for a new voice, new game get,  new (guest) host and a NEW INTRO! Whoo!

Be sure to leave some comments or shoot an email over to after the show or hit us up on Twitter! If using that kah-raizy internet is too much for ya, you can call or text the Infendo Radio Hotline: 434-535-BIGN or 434-535-2446


  1. I got ripped in 4 weeks too. Thank you Infendo ads. 😉

  2. xbox360 achievement system is cheap thrills but its not the first one to do that and not even a good achievement system.

    Why do people keep comparing everything to that.

    Games on the NES had systems comparable to 360 system.

    Even then, a good achievement system actually rewards you, such as the system nintendo is suggesting.

    Why would I care to do things developers thought was cool.
    Why cant a game be fun enough for me to keep playing it of my own imagination?
    I do love games where they suggest certain tasks for you that will actually reward you in the end with unlockables or cheat type rewards 🙂

    I hope nintendo makes their system worthwhile, but not anything like 360 achievement system.

  3. Kudos to Will, Zak, and Alexis for maintaining very good momentum on the show! It was very enjoyable to listen to.

    One evolution on game pricing I’d like to see is for Publishers to lower the price of premium console games to about $40 or $30, make them shorter, and get extra revenue on downloadable add-ons… This way people that usually only have time to finish half the content in a game won’t have to pay for the whole experience, and those who get there will simply pay $10 to $40 extra for the extended, full experience, choosing the parts they want to play next throughout the year. The game will sell more copies initially, and the extra content can even be perfected, delayed, or even cancelled depending on that initial success. Publishers will be in a better position to take risks on innovative gameplay, too. What do you think??