Comparing the hype

Man. There is so much hype around Nintendo’s Revolution. The way some media outlets talk about the system, you’d think Nintendo discovered perpetual motion. Which leads me to ask: Has hype about a game console ever been this big? While this is great for Nintendo, will they disappoint if they don’t “discover perpetual motion” in a gaming sense?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Nintendo’s Dolphin (as the GameCube was then called) didn’t even come close to the same level of generated publicity. Nor anything else except maybe Super Mario Bros. 3 (remember The Wizard?). The catalyst has to be blogs like this one and the thousand others for the increased amount of hype. Or maybe just the internet in general.

Either way, the publicity and spin has worked it’s magic on me. I simply cannot wait to see what the Revolution will be like. And I’m interested to see if the system will affect the masses instead of solely the gaming industry. The same way perpetual motion would if it were discovered by the scientific community.