New SMB Wii features Mario, Luigi, and two Toads – “that’s it,” says Miyamoto


Coming out of the same Nintendo Power read-along that brought told us the next Zelda is going to be more of the same comes some disappointing news on New Super Mario Bros. Wii: There are only three and a half playable characters.

When asked about the playable characters being Mario, Luigi, Toad and Another Toad, Shigeru Miyamoto says “That’s it.”

When Infendo asked at E3, Nintendo staff told us that other characters might be a possibility, but warned us that nothing had been announced and they could not confirm or deny speculation.  It’s too bad too, because while one Toad has enough identity to stand on his own (a la Mario Kart,) next to Mario and Luigi a second Toad steals the individuality of both funky fungi sidekicks.

Give us the Princess, Yoshi, Geno, or even a Koopa – pallet swap clones are just weak. Let’s hope that Miyamoto’s “that’s it” refers only to what’s been announced, and is yet another cover for “rumors and speculation.”

[via Aeropause]