New Revolution Fan Mockup

I have no idea what this is suppose to be and frankly and don’t’ even want to know. It’s just Photoshopped so poorly. Apparently it’s some kind of roll-up screen for Revolution controllers. Pay special attention to the awesome lightening rays shooting from the front of the bulky Revolution. Not to mention having four of these mini screens scattered all across your living room just to play Mario. Sheesh!

At this rate, fan mockups should keep coming even after the system’s launch. As always, call it a cultural phenomenon.

[Source: Playbomb]


  1. Ya, I call bullshit. How much do people think they will be able to pack into the revo. Now a projector, too? seriously. Go smoke some more rock.

  2. Why is this so hard to believe? This supports Nintendo’s goal to make the Revolution the first true portable console. Think about it, you go over to your friend’s house and you want to play LAN multiplayer but don’t have another TV; so you roll out your screen and set it up and play! Its a great idea and if Nintendo is not doing this, I’m sure they have thought about it. I hope they are going to make this happen though, it would be a huge selling point for the Revolution.

  3. This is where they got the idea for the mock-up.

    Nintendo Patent

    Very interesting.

  4. Is that a revolution Tooth-brush adaptor? I can’t make any sense of that image.

  5. The images are clearly photoshopped.

    But in reading the patent and Miyamoto’s recent comments of breaking away from tvs, not to mention what Nintendo said at E3 2004- “Games have always been played with you, tethered to a box, tethered to a tv. We want to change that”- this makes a heck of a lot of sense. Idaknow about this guy neccesarily, but the idea may be right.(FACT)There’s one huge, final piece to the Revolution that hasn’t been shown. They can show this before the year is out without having to show a game with it. Now that they’ve made the other systems’ controllers look primitive, if the projection thing is true they can nail the coffin and make even their high end graphics and HD displays look primitive. Another attempt at true 3D. That would corroborate with the controller being 3D, too.

    Maybe the ppl who call Revolution a Virtual Boy 2 are right for the wrong reasons…

    Damn rumors.

  6. I imagine the toothbrush adaptor would be handy for a number of games, such as Shenmue, Animal Crossing, Mario Party…

  7. I’ve never seen a projector as small as the Revo, let alone a console AND a projector. Nor do I want to buy replacement bulbs for my Revolution. Nor do I want to think about what this would do to the price. I hope this isn’t true.

  8. This is not a fan mock up. Well maybe but still…
    But if your too lazy to click, the pic is from, but was found, and originated, on SeriousGamers site, who if your smart, is a lying idiot. Its all fake. Its a real site but they have a link to SGs site. So i would not belive any of this. Infact heres the post for that very site.
    So this is quite fake.

  9. Masaka…

    Doubtful that Revolution will house an on board projector similar to those currently available on the market – due to the high cost of digital projector light bulbs (a few hundred bucks) and the short lifespan of said bulbs.

    If there’s a projector on there, well, then they are reinventing what we consider a projector, just as they did with the controller.

    I love anticipation

    (speaking of which, Mario Kart DS…^_^)

  10. If I could just clear up some stuff, Playbomb is ran by a friend of mine and I can confirm that he did not make the image himself but was sent it. Quite a bit of misunderstanding was going on. So I hope that clears all that up.

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