New Pokemon RPG Coming to Japan in 2010?!


That’s right, kids! We’re not talking about the new Pokemon Ranger. Not a new Mystery Dungeon. Not even a remake of an older game. We’re talking about a possible successor to the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games.

Yesterday, IGN reported that Nintendo announced that they are currently working on a new Pokemon RPG for the DS, which will be complete with new Pokemon, a new region, and new game gameplay concepts. If this is the start of “Generation 5”, this will make the first time that two generations have been released on the same console (if you don’t count Gold & Silver, which could be played on the Game Boy but were intended for the Game Boy Color). The game is slated for release in Japan by the end, making it four years since the Japanese release of Diamond & Pearl.

No news other than that, but with a release date that close, you can bet that Nintendo will be releasing more information soon (E3 anyone?). In the meantime, everybody make sure you get out there and pre-order Heart Gold & Soul Silver to make your claim on one of those statuettes.

[Nintendo’s Announcement]