New Nintendo Revolution Pics

Enjoy the beauty that is…


  1. Those are some lovely beauts! So nice to see Nintendo win in the design department for once (in my humble opinion). Mind you is it me or is the console slighly thicker?

  2. Are these the first photos of the console that weren’t published by Nintendo? I can’t remember seeing any “amateur” shots of the Revolution before this. I know we saw the controller “in person” at TGS, but I can’t recall them actually displaying the console like this before.

  3. It is definitely thicker than previous models shown. It’s clear some new or additional technology were added.

    Lets hope it translates to a wireless sensor bar and more memory. 🙂

  4. It looks like they replaced the small “a” and “b” buttons with “x” and “y”. So now, when you hold the controller horizontally, you can still see “a” and “b” printed under them. Nifty.


  5. My main issue with the looks of it are the stupid opening on the front, why do that? And the buttons are awful, however putting this with the PS3 mongrel and the ugliest console ever made (the 360) nintendo have won the looks race hands down!

    Also, I have had to buy quite a few cube pads as the analog stick just isnt built to last, I sincerley hope they sort that out cos at £25 ($40) a pop they arent cheap, everything else they make is virtually unbreakable but why oh why must they have such rubbish sticks, and the Dpad had better not be the N64 / GCN version cos they were both crap aswell, take a leaf from Sony’s book, they know how to make good pads, glad I got the converters from Lik Sang or tony hawks would have been totally unplayable on GCN.

    God im a miser, tasty looking beast though cant wait to get my hands on one.

  6. I’m not a huge IGN fan but if there’s anything they CAN do well it’s take pictures. Man. Beautiful pictures.

    And the model helps too.

  7. Rowan…I had a problem with my analog on my black GNC controller. All you have to do is pour a little alcahol on the stick and move it around for a bit. I think it just gets sludge stuckin the stick because it has no protection like the PS2’2 little rubber cover.

    I did this on all of my analogs an my the Wavebird so i cant be held responsible.

  8. sorry i sed all my analog sticks BUT my wavebird.

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