New DS Wi-fi Ad

Most of you have probably seen the DS Wi-Fi Ad that will start airing in the theaters across the US, but I wanted to know your thoughts on it. It won’t win any awards, but it’s slick, interesting, and gets you excited to see the final rollout of the wi-fi system.

What do you think of the ad?



  1. I think it’s absolutely wonderul. From a cinematography viewpoint, it’s fantastic. I also felt bad for the guy when he was eating the banana…awwww! He looked hungry! Very good stuff indeed. 9/10

  2. awesome aweomse awomeawem aowmemoe2me

  3. I like it very much…
    the globe at the end looks sooo cool..
    The first part’s a bit too long, but a very nice Ad overall…esp. nicer than most of the other recent NOA/NOE Ads….

  4. I have yet to see any new ad beat Nintendo’s Smash Bros. ad. “So happy together……..”

  5. I was talking to my friends a few months ago and was telling him about Animal Crossing online, and he says he hates going online because you have to hook up the system and do all that other hoobidy-joobidy. I told him with the DS, its nothing like that, it uses wifi. After saying wifi a few times he just finally blurted out, “what the fudge is wifi? I have no idea what you’re talking about”. So in conclusion, the ad should have mentioned something about how wifi=online gaming, and shown animal crossing instead of just mario kart.

  6. it had me confused in the begginig. i didnt think i was watching the right thing
    – doug

  7. I like it, it was creative. Why only in theatre’s though? Why not tv, come on Reggie, you guys make good comercials, but then you don’t spend the money to advertise?

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