New costumes and mode announced in Bayonetta 2 Direct

Today’s Bayonetta 2 Direct (viewable here) was packed with gameplay and, maybe more importantly, announcements. We’ve known for a while now that a port of the original Bayonetta coming to the Wii U will include costumes inspired by Link from The Legend of Zelda, Peach from Super Mario, and Samus from Metroid. These costumes have been confirmed for Bayonetta 2, along with two brand-new ones: a Fox McCloud-inspired get-up and a Daisy-themed frock.

The various Nintendo crossover looks for Bayonetta also make small changes to gameplay, with rupees from the Zelda series and the use of Bowser’s arms and legs making appearances. To name a couple more examples, the Fox McCloud suit has Bayonetta wielding small Arwings and the Samus suit allows her to roll around as the iconic morph ball.

An online co-op mode called Tag Climax was also announced during today’s Direct. The mode will allow players to fight as Bayonetta, Jeanne, or Rodin.

What did you think of the Bayonetta 2 Direct?

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