New Controller Mockup?

This was found by a janitor. Find yours by clicking below:

[Have a nice weekend]


  1. Hmm…I don’t know…looks like a Photoshop…but I kinda like tha layout, though not a Revolution at all.
    Looks kinda familiar 😀
    Hehe made me laugh 😀
    BTW I wanted to mention that I always LOVE the images you put in some posts 😀 sooo funny 😀

  2. I played around with this thing and I think I picked up the brainwaves of Mr. Miyamoto cause I made what I believe will be very much like the finalized Revolution controller. Sadly it will have to remain a secret for now…

    There are some pieces missing in the toolbox though…

  3. I thought that I was the most creative person in the world until I saw that two other people drew a penis with buttons on it before I did.

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