New-and-improved Nintendo Channel gets updated features and weekly show


Nintendo Channel
The Wiiâ„¢ console’s Nintendo Channel is getting a makeover. On Sept. 14, the channel, which provides users with videos and information about current and upcoming Nintendo products, re-launches with a new look and feel. Some of the upgrades include higher-quality streaming videos, lists of top games that other viewers recommend and a new ability to rate and recommend Nintendo DSâ„¢ games.

As part of the update, Nintendo Channel will also premiere Nintendo Week, a weekly, hosted series about what’s happening in the world of Nintendo. The premiere episode includes an in-depth look at Mario and Luigi™: Bowser’s Inside Story, an interview with the developers behind the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5, plus coverage of the new Nintendo DSi colors, Nintendo DSiWare games and other surprises.

Nintendo Channel is available free of charge to Wii owners, and can be downloaded by going to the Wii Shop Channel and following the on-screen instructions.


  1. But what about Wii demos? That would be awesome, and it would force 3rd parties to put more effort in their games (since we would be able to easily judge them before buying).

  2. Thanks Press Release! You’re my new best friend with your hot scoops! 😛

  3. The channel looks okay but I already miss the old weekly digest. Sitting through 10 minutes of those two hosts each week (broken by lots of spinning circles, even on normal playback mode) seems really annoying. The old minute or so digest will be missed.

    Also the overlapping clickable areas seem to be a poor design choice. The arrows to scroll through the videos are placed on top of the clickable boxes to play the videos. Yes I know I can use the control pad to scroll, but still…

  4. This is an improvement. DS demos are easier to find, video looks significantly better, I had zero breaks during play back on my cable isp. We now have thumbnail pictures beside each video, the suggested games are more in keeping with what I actually play, and the overall look is more inviting.

  5. Great update. All around this is a huge upgrade. Love the stats of your personal use of games. I have kept track myself because I’m a nut, but its nice to see I was adding correctly within a minute here or there on most games.

  6. Some good and some bad with this update. I agree with Reldon about the interface having some issues, but functionality and accessibility is improved. Net gain.

  7. @XCWarrior:
    You ARE a nut! 😉

  8. I think the interface was a change for the better for the most part. I do miss seeing a video thumbnail if you backed out of a video to go back to the video list. Also it doesn’t seem like the + or – work to change video pages.

    Is anyone else finding videos are constantly rebuffering even on low quality? I can’t figure out if the service is getting hammered or it’s my connection.

  9. i think there should be a way to rate your favorite 20 wii games, 1-20. nintendo could use that data for this channel. and people would find that data helpful in choosing their games.

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