NES Memoirs

In lieu of the NES’s 20th birthday this week, I began to ponder some of my favorite moments while playing the system as a young lad. Here’s one of my fondest ones.

Double Dribble. My brother and I first bought the game on it’s release in 1987. We were in shock right from the title screen when the game announcer stated in a tone more bubbly than a poorly ripped MP3, “Double Dribble!” We still thought it was amazing. To further that amazement, we believed the cut scenes while dunking a ball we’re the “best graphics ever seen.” Funny how they kinda look cheesy now but isn’t that the case with all forms of dated art?

With all the love I feel towards the SNES, N64, GameCube, GBA, and DS, it’s hard for me to think of better times gaming than I did while growing up with the NES. I guess it all just boils down to what you grew up on. What are some of your favorite classic moments in gaming?


  1. My number one experience as a kid playing games was most likely Earthbound. Goddamn what a piece of art. Plus it ages well.

  2. getting the magic book in bubble bobble so that my bubbles were filled with lightning. i felt like a god.

  3. Heeheheh… how many you want?

    Final Fantasy I: I just bought because they characters looked VERY ANIME! I didn’t even understand english so I just made to the bridge before the credits!!!

    Battletoads: The music. Best soundtrack in a nes game. specially that song they made while you paused the game.

    Running over that Nintendo mat! why they don’t bring something like that?

    That rare Nintendo cartridge that was made of pure gold: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. I just tought it was an OK game, the sequel was much bettera nd ever rarer! Funny how it became a real gaming legend.

    World Cup Soccer: I feel that game is funner than this year EA’s Fifa sequelrama.

    Ducktales: that was the first game I finished.

    The first time I played A gameboy. Man, portable nintendo games! what an idea!!

    Seeing Super Mario World preview for the first time in a EGM magazine: Mario with japanse signs!!! WOW!!!! LOOK AT THAT GIANT BOO!!! AMAZING!!! can’t even imagine what megaman will look like in a SUPER NINTENDO!!!! the rest is history…

    How I hated Sega just because they were Nintendo competitors, I finally liked Sega when they went backrupt.

  4. did anyone ever find that Rabbit suit in SMB3? =)

  5. Double Dribble! ahh…good ol’ times….
    it was one of my best beloved games
    long life to NES!

  6. I recall the moment I first switched on my C64 and Gauntlet. I thought: wow, this is so “real” !!! :-))

    good ol times!!

  7. Not being able to fall asleep while laying in bed with scenes playing out in my head from Castlevania.

    Playing Tag-Team Wrestling with my NES Advantage.

    Getting the last two issues of the Nintendo Fan Club Newsletter before they sent me an offer to subscribe to Nintendo Power.

    Chasing my dog around the kitchen floor with R.O.B.’s gyroscopes.

    And most of all, putting EVERYTHING back in the styrofoam and box after I finished playing, because my folks wouldn’t let me leave “that thing” hooked up to our TV.

  8. I remember the day my brother hit the green turtle in the head at the stairs in Super Mario Bros. (World 3-1) He had so many 1UPs that he finished the game that day. It seems like it was yesterday.


  9. Battletoads……..the hyper-bikes level T.T , ufffff the hardest game ever made ????

  10. I turned 20 just like Nintendo this year, and I have very fuzzy memories of the day my oldest friend got the Zelda gold cartridge as some sort of present. I also remember running frantically on his track and field pad- and the day my parents broke down and bought me a game boy because all I did was draw video-game characters all day, and they figured the inspiration had to be coming from somewhere.

  11. Battle Toads rocked…… Link was amazing (playing for hours just killing the little blobs leveling up)….. but my favourite memory is of Secret of Mana on the snes, me and 2 of my friends playing 3 player……. greatest game ever…..I would give up my gamecube ds and 64 just to sit around all day playing that with my friends again!

  12. One of my earliest memories was figuring out that i could jump on the vertically moving platforms and just wait for it to take me up above the blue blocks in SMB. I thought it was a stroke of genius of my part.

  13. First time playing E.V.O. The Search for Eden, playing and playing to get the perfect fish, basically in the jellyfish area, not knowing about the green dudes who split up and give you way more points. If that wasn’t enough, after I perfected him, I found out that he goes away forever when you beat the fish place. Still good though.

  14. sticky controller buttons, my neighbor and I argued for years about the time i got his genesis controller sticky.

    remember getting angry with the games? I doubt im alone on this but i remember throwing each nintendo controller more than once. I never had a controller break doing that.

    and snes cartriges, got violent with those too. i would rip them out the top of the system. finally, when i broke my copy of donkey kong country 2 i decided i shouldn’t do that with games again. wow, the way us people learn things. (I am 22 now.)

  15. I’m trying really hard to remember what game pissed me off. I recall slamming a controller a couple times.

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