NES Memoirs

In lieu of the NES’s 20th birthday this week, I began to ponder some of my favorite moments while playing the system as a young lad. Here’s one of my fondest ones.

Double Dribble. My brother and I first bought the game on it’s release in 1987. We were in shock right from the title screen when the game announcer stated in a tone more bubbly than a poorly ripped MP3, “Double Dribble!” We still thought it was amazing. To further that amazement, we believed the cut scenes while dunking a ball we’re the “best graphics ever seen.” Funny how they kinda look cheesy now but isn’t that the case with all forms of dated art?

With all the love I feel towards the SNES, N64, GameCube, GBA, and DS, it’s hard for me to think of better times gaming than I did while growing up with the NES. I guess it all just boils down to what you grew up on. What are some of your favorite classic moments in gaming?