Nat Geo Kids Are Dreamers

Nintendo has stepped outside their hideout once again to get some fresh air and to clear up some Rev rumors. The latest rumor was that National Geographic Kids might have revealed some new control details about upcoming franchise sequels or older versions of them. Nintendo had this to say: “What the magazine has done is imagine how existing franchises would work with the Revolution controller, rather than actually seeing anything… It’s all still speculation.”

Maybe they should stick to pandas doing the nasty.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. What the magazine has done is imagine how actual pandas would do the nasty with each other, rather than actually showing you the nasty… It’s all still pretty graphic though.”

  2. One thing for sure is that Nintendo will never Panda to the rumourmongers.

  3. Yeah Nintendo..that’s why you flew them all the way to Tokyo just so they can make up stuff in there magazine to a good chunk of your demo.

    Sure Nintendo of Europe.. 😉

  4. Or Nat’l Geographic just happened to be at the same demo everyone else was at during the Tokyo Game Show.

  5. Hamhock, thank you for filling my order for an excellent pun. It was quite tasty.

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