Odama (GC)

Where did this game come from? Scheduled for release in November of this year, Odama is apparently a puzzle/pinball/strategy game. GameSpot called it one of the sleeper games of E3 saying it’s “one of the most unusual and memorable games at E3.”

Has any similar game been published?


  1. I’ve heard this will have bongo support too.

  2. I never heard of any game that comes close to Odama. But everyone who was able to get a look at Odama says it’s great fun 😀
    It will use the mic. You can order your “troops” with the mic.
    Really innovative gameplay…I hope it really works….

  3. It premiered at e3 04 with announced bongo control but at e3 05 they didnt say anything about the bongos but focused on using the mic to oreder your troops around. It was kinda hidden in the back of Nintendo’s booth last year and I thought it was pretty popular at this years e3.

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