My Nintendog

So I’ve been playing around with Nintendogs and thought I’d show you my puppy. Meet Dutchess. She’s a black lab and smart as a whistle. I’m gonna come right out and say it; this game, simulation, advanced tamagotchi, or whatever you want to call it is very well done. The presentation is top notch. I’ve never interacted with software quite like I have with this little gem. Nintendo really makes it come alive.

Be on the lookout for a mini review as soon as I get a little deeper into the game. And be sure to post your initial thoughts on the game if you got ’em.


  1. Love this game, love this game!!! I’m on my second dog, Dana. And I’m having a blast, it’s a whole new level of gaming. Nintendogs rocks it up hardcore. I think this game is going to be the nail that seels the PSP’s coffin. My fingers are crossed

  2. Does anyone have the numbers on how the game is selling in the US?

  3. I just picked up a copy and its a yorkshire and his name is thaifood, me and my wife love our new adition to the family it si a topnotch game and simulates a real dog very well, the first few times i thought talking to my DS was weird but now me and my wife even talk to the DS in public. I even bought a second DS so me and the Ms’s can play together.

  4. I bought Chihuahua and friends yesterday at Circuit City, and my oh my am I impressed. What really stuns me about this game is that you can use voice commands. Only Miyamoto can be this innovative. I love this game, and I regret not buying it any sooner.

  5. aww…. so cute ^^ i’m gonna buy one after i get back from vacation

  6. I envy all of you…
    But we Europeans have patience….
    Less than a month and I can finally get Meteos YAY…ahh it’s so sad…

  7. i’m enjoying my beagle puppy elgin. I went out and bought a DS just so I could get this game and I’m glad I did. Its well worth the money.

  8. DJ.Chuckroast, its being said that the game has nearly sold out (or already has) due to higher then expected demand…september 22 launch for New Zealand, cant wait 😀

  9. Actually I went to our local Game Crazy today, and the guy said they sold out of the game like hot cakes!

  10. lol kool…cant wait for sales figures/reports 😀

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