Motely Fool On Revolution

Motely Fool has a bit of advice for Nintendo. According to its article, Nintendo Needs a Revolution, “Nintendo will have to market its way out of its demise.”

The author goes as far to say, “At this point, I don’t think the key to success lies in the Revolution specs or its snazzy controller … What should Nintendo do, exactly? For starters, the company had better follow Bill Gates’ lead and get a bunch of content over to Viacom’s (NYSE: VIA) MTV. Hooking up with Time Warner’s (NYSE: TWX) WB network wouldn’t hurt, either. Nintendo needs convince young, jaded hardcore gamers that its generally sunnier, cartoonier games can be just as cool as the criminal hijinks of Grand Theft Auto.”

Personally, I thought Microsoft’s MTV program was a disaster. A strong marketing campaign is important, but is it all that’s need to win this generation? Does marketing Nintendo’s hip retro past hold the key to Nintendo’s future?