Most Difficult Boss?

We all hate to admit defeat, and I especially loathe to lose.  But I have to admit something that I am not proud of.  In fact, I am ashamed of.  I have never defeated any of the “Weapon” bosses in Final Fantasy.  Ruby Weapon, Emerald Weapon, Omega Weapon, etc…

Feel free to take away my Gamer card…I will surrender it peacefully

It is not that I haven’t tried, in fact every time I start a Final Fantasy game I have the utmost intentions of finally defeating the Weapon boss.  I think my problem is that I go in unprepared because I want to beat them as soon as possible.  Then I fail…

Since I admitted my defeats, what about you?  What is the toughest boss out there?  Have you actually beat the boss, and if so do you have any “1 hit point left” stories?




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