More wit and wisdom with Stan Beer: New consoles will sell out this holiday, maybe

Oh, to be IT writer Stan Beer. Writing about console gaming; living the life; shooting people in the dark alleys of Las Vegas just to watch them die. Riding the streets g’d up from the feet up in his pimped out Honda Civic hoping the fuzz don’t catch him and his posse ridin’ dirty. Must be nice.

Today, his wit and wisdom is thus: When the PS3 and Wii launch later this month (I still can’t believe it’s almost time — I feel like Cartman), they will sell out. Maybe. Only if non-gamers come to the scene in droves to try out the Wii. And the PS3 will have trouble because of low inventory numbers and an intimidating price tag and spec sheet. And everyone playing game consoles will be males between 18 and 29. We won’t know who’s “won” the console war until a year from now. Heard all of this before? Good, because so have I and everyone else. Except Stan Beer. Who wrote a column today that screams “appeasement” to the thousands of emails he’s no doubt received regarding his lackluster writing on gaming culture.

Stan Beer. The voice of a gaming generation, six weeks late.

13 days.

[Hat tip, Josh Daugherty]